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Learning German is easy for People who speak English

Learn German in 3 months

This is a free German course ...

… for people who love and respect King Cephas Bansah, with whom I share a long-term friendship. In order to support his humanitarian projects and to serve the Ewe people in Ghana I have created this Speedlearning Course German to enable every man or woman interested in acquiring the knowledge of the German language – no matter for what positive reason.

This course is free of charge, because I know, that the students will give so much to their people and their country in return, just by following their king’s example. The course material consists of videos and the amount of videos is growing daily, orientated at the needs and questions of the students. We are currenty planning 300 videos so that you can learn the German language within 100 days, when going through three videos per day. The course starts with the vocabulary that is in common in German and English and focuses on fast and motivating results. 

I also onclude videos explaining how the brain learns a foreign language, how to easily memorize words and how to understand grammar with ease. May this course support the profound friendship between people from Ghana and people from Germany. May this course help to find common ground between the two nations and at the same time accept differences. May this course help every single student to improve his life, his family’s life and his communities life. May this course help to find new friends on both continents and to enable fair trade and profound relationships on eyesight. If only 10% of my wishes will come true, it was worth creating this course.

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